CrossFit by definition is; constantly varied, functional movements performed at high intensity.  But what does that really mean? 


It's a strength and conditioning program, consisting of movements that we do in our day-to-day life like squats and deadlifts. We perform these movements at a high intensity so we are benefiting from a cardiovascular workout while also building strength. It's coached in a group environment where you'll be surrounded by an incredible community of like-minded individuals, who you'll soon be calling your friends.


Improving Your

Fitness isn't defined by how fast you can run or how many squats you can do. It is an overall state of health and well-being and more specifically the ability to perform your daily activities with ease.  And that's what we do here at CrossFit Bunbury, we work on creating a healthier version of ourselves so we can have a long and fulfilled life. Whether it be so we can enjoy a bit of balance by having bbq's and drinks with friends or so we can play sport with our kids (or even grandkids!) Yeah, we do some pretty cool tricks like handstand walks occasionally too, but that's just to keep us feeling young! 


CrossFit is for everyone — people who are just starting out and people who have trained for years.

To truly understand why we do what we do, we must first introduce one of our founders and fearless leaders, Maea. 


When you meet Maea, the first thing you will notice is his passion for CrossFit, and health and fitness in general. He lives and breathes it - Coaching is not a job, it’s his life.


The community that has been created at CFB is one that words don't do justice. It's something that is felt from the very second you walk through those doors and that's due to the passionate man at the helm.


Maea’s mantra is to treat all of his athletes like family and that is something you can guarantee at CFB.

But no one man or women creates a community. With wife Cara and a strong team of legends banding together, the team at CrossFit Bunbury continue to change lives one at a time. The community, the training, the culture - it's something the team and members are proud to be a part of. 

Creating a

This is where you will meet your support network. A bunch of people who all want to feel better, fitter and healthier.  Our members tell us time and time again; they joined CrossFit Bunbury for the fitness and now stay for the people.


At CrossFit Bunbury you won't just find a supportive community, but you'll be part of a family.

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Building Your

When most people think strong, they immediately think big. We follow a strength program that will build lean muscle and compliment this with metabolic conditioning too (cardio). But it's not just the physical strength improvement you'll discover at CrossFit, its also the mental strength. Some workouts will be challenging, but it all comes down to the individual as to how challenging it really is.


Your idea of 'hard' is very different to the person next to you. That's the beauty of CrossFit, you work to your own abilities that align with your own personal goals. At the end of it you'll come out stronger both physically and mentally.


Maea Winitana

Founder and Head Coach

With two decades of professional experience in the Fitness Industry, Maea is not only full of knowledge bombs but he is a natural at helping athletes meet their full potential.  He has recently started studying exercise psychology, he is looking forward to adding even more value to his athletes experience at CrossFit Bunbury.

Maea’s mantra is to treat all of his athletes like family and that is something you can guarantee at CFB.


Cara Hitt-Winitana

Founder, Manager and Coach

Cara is known for her love of a good ‘Chipper workout’ which is often programmed on Saturdays as a team workout (our fave class of the week). You'll see her on the gym floor or behind the desk   Cara takes most of the new athlete Intro to CrossFit classes, so she is likely one of the first coaches you will meet.

Cara Coaches photo_edited.jpg

Marty Jones

Senior CrossFit & Oly Coach

Marty, he's been a huge part of our community for nearly 5 years now. He became a part of our coaching team back in 2019 and we are so thankful that he found his passion for helping people with their health and fitness. Over the past few years he has really been focusing on Olympic Lifting both personally and in his coaching.  He takes any opportunity he can get to coach one of our Oly classes.


Sabrina Gaffney

Senior Coach

With a background in gymnastics while growing up, Sabrina picked up the sport of CrossFit seamlessly. Sabrina has been part of the family since day one (over 8 years) and has been coaching with us on and off over the years, taking some time off to start her family.

Sabby is a school teacher and private tutor, combining her teaching skills with the love of CrossFit  has made a killer combo of producing a great Coach.

Sabrina square_edited.jpg

Devlin Waddell

Senior Coach

If you’ve seen Dev lift, you’d be surprised to hear that he has only been doing CrossFit for 4 years! He has grown remarkably during this time, both as an athlete and also a Coach. He is incredibly dedicated to his training and very passionate about injury management and movement assessments.

Fun fact: Dev's fave workout is Amanda, no surprises here as he is handy with moving a heavy bar

Dev Coaches photo_edited.jpg

Karl Moyse

Senior Oly Coach

Part CrossFit Coach, part designer, part philosopher and a whole bunch of OCD, oh and a Dad - he wears many many hats.

Karl coaches our Wednesday 5:45pm Olympic Weightlifting classes, which always attracts a crowd.

Like all our Coaches, Karl is an integral part of our CFB Community. He is our 'go to' for D&M's and will always show you that there is a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow.

karl 2_edited.jpg

Josh Williams

CrossFit Coach

Josh has been part of the CFB Fam for about 6 years and has been coaching since 2020.

Being a teacher-by-day, he has a real knack for clearly explaining movements and making them easy to understand. Josh has had an incredible journey with his own health and fitness, losing over 20kg over the years.

Prior to CrossFit Josh was an avid rower, he even represented Australia in his early 20's. So if you need any tips on the Concept2 rower, Josh is your man!


Emily Matthews

CrossFit Coach

Em started her fitness journey with the Army Reserves years ago and is now a Fitness Leader with the Army. Em is our most recent recruit and completed our Coaching Trainee program in September 2020.  

Em has a real love for all things fitness related including biking, open water swimming, any outdoor adventure and she is even a blue belt at Brazilian Jiu Jitsu!

Em Coaches photo.jpg