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Health waiver for BCC sports program

Hi! We are excited to meet your children over the coming weeks.  Please complete the online health wavier and provide some details about your child to help us provide a great experience for them.

If you have any specific questions or concerns please feel free to email me:

Health Waiver

Please fill out the below form to help us get to know your child. Please also have a good read of our waiver.

Does you child have a medical condition or illness that we need to know about?
Is there any health reason why your child should not be participating in exercise?

The above information is true and completed to the best of my knowledge and that I will not hold CrossFit Bunbury or any employee liable for any mishaps or injuries (physical or otherwise) arising from my training. I am aware of the risks associated with CrossFit and I acknowledge that my choice to participate in training sessions is my complete personal responsibility, and such participation is at my own risk. On behalf of myself and all others in legal relationship with me, I hereby release CrossFit Bunbury and all affiliates, from any and all liability for any injury, either emotional or physical, which may occur to me while I am a client or as a result of using any information or instructions I receive from them or any CrossFit Bunbury affiliates.

I give CrossFit Bunbury permission to take my photograph/video footage to be used on any of their Social Media Pages (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube) as well as any other form of advertising material (Website, Print, flyer etc). I understand that it is my responsibility to advise CrossFit Bunbury if I do not want my photograph taken and used for this purpose. CrossFit Bunbury will not need to seek further permission to use any photographs taken

Health waiver
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