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Are you looking for a more personalised expereince?

Training might be for you.

While we love our group CrossFit classes, we understand that some people are looking for a more individualised approach to their training. We have a team of Personal Trainers that can help you in either a 1:1 environment, or small groups.

Meet Jess

Jess is well known in the Bunbury fitness community, she specialises in helping mums achieve body love and feel amazing in their own skin.

Jess takes small group (think 4-6 ladies max) group personal training sessions.  Her classes are vibrant, supportive and you'll get an incredible workout among out while having your much needed 'me time'.

Cherie and client.jpeg

Meet Cherie

Cherie is a Personal Trainer specialising in 1:1 training.

  She works closely with her clients , creating a tailored program and approach to their specific needs and personal goals.

Cherie and client_edited.jpg
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