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$10 for ten days

To celebrate our CrossFit gym turning ten, we have created an amazing offer for you to experience CrossFit Bunbury for yourself!  You'll pay only $10 and have full access as a member for 10 days.

What's included in your $10 for ten days offer:

  • Your introduction to CrossFit classes if you're new to CrossFit.

  • CrossFit classes as we as our speciality classes such as Olympic Weightlifting, Yoga and Gymnastics.

  • An amazing community of supportive coaches and members.

If you've been considering trying CrossFit, now is the time to make that step!


* This offer is not availabile for current members, but tell your friends and you'll get your referal reward.

** Once your Intro to CrossFit sessions are complete you'll have 10 consecutive days to try classes with no obligation to continue.

Keen for $10 for ten days

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Crossfit Bunbury has the best atmosphere of any Gym or CF box I've been to. The Trainers are excellent, very knowledgeable but most of all very personable & approachable. I can't say enough wonderful things about the Team. Loving every bit!

- Ash

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