Members Testimonials

We believe in the transformational power of Crossfit, both as physical and mental training tool. But don’t just take our word for it, listen to the impact it’s had on our members lives.

I consider CrossFit Bunbury as a part of my extended family! I love going to training every night, seeing familiar faces and meeting new people. Maea and Cara have created a box where people support, encourage and help people reach their goals. I love the balance of my much healthier new lifestyle and thank Maea and Cara for teaching, pushing and encouraging me to reach new limits. If you’re looking to change your fitness and have a healthier lifestyle, I recommend you sign up with CrossFit Bunbury!! And we will welcome you to the family.


CrossFit Bunbury, great results inside and out! I have also been a member of many gyms, first encountering CrossFit in 2011. To this day I have never felt so welcomed by a group of like-minded people, all seeking a healthier lifestyle! The fitness and family focus motivates me to come back again and again. Maea… and Cara are fantastic ambassadors for this way of personal improvement and I feel refreshed mentally and physically (maybe after a little rest!) after every session. Absolutely recommended for anyone of any age. You will never know if you never give it a go. No regrets!


I was really nervous about starting CrossFit. I was 112kgs and in probably the worst shape of my life. In fact, I sat outside in my car for about 15 minutes before I finally worked up the courage to go in. It was the best decision I could have made. The atmosphere within CrossFit Bunbury was amazing, everyone was really friendly and supportive and within minutes every one in there had introduced themselves to me.

I’m not going to lie, that first workout hurt. A lot. However, through all the new acronyms and exercises I had an experienced coach helping me out and showing me how to do each movement safely. Since joining CFB, I had lost over 20kgs in the first 12 months, kept the weight off and made friends for life. The workouts still hurt, but every day I’m a little bit fitter, a little bit stronger and hell of a lot happier in my own skin.

Josh Williams

Image courtesy of photo_Athletica.

I have been interested in personal fitness most of my life, I was very athletic as a child but unable to commit to team sport as an adult because of work commitments. I have attended many GYM’s with multiple memberships and become bored with the solitary workout routines which are done alone and in isolation.

Many people go to the GYM; do their work out and never look or communicate with other members. I discovered CrossFit Bunbury and haven’t looked back, the atmosphere is always positive friendly and inclusive, workouts (WOD) are performed as a group activity and individuals support and encourage each other.

The CrossFit community has enabled me to surpass my own expectations and archive more that I considered possible. As a gay man, I was always guarded and cautions of how I approached and behaved with other people in public CFB have embraced me and my husband with open arms, to the extent that I feel, healthier, happier and part of an extended family. I look forward for CrossFit and meeting my CFB family every day not only for the fitness and holistic approach to health but also the sense of community and belonging to something special and wholesome.

Love from Shay