Maea Winitana, Owner & Head Coach

Maea has over 18 years of professional experience in the Fitness Industry. In 2013 his dreams of opening his own CrossFit Box came true. Together with his wife Cara, they opened CrossFit Bunbury and starting changing lives of their members (and now friends) one at a time. When you first meet Maea, the first thing you will notice is his passion for CrossFit, and Health and Fitness in general. He lives and breathes it. Coaching his athletes is not a job, it’s his life. He has created an amazing community at CrossFit Bunbury. One that both himself and his athletes are proud to be part of. Maea starting his Fitness career in Auckland New Zealand, then traveled to Melbourne where he spent 7 years running his own successful Personal Training business.  He has now brought his wealth of knowledge to the South West and is not only coaching CrossFit Bunbury Athletes, but also being a mentor to his team of coaches. Maea’s mantra is to treat all of his athletes like family and to assist them to all reach their own personal goals, through truly caring about them and believing in their dreams. Some of Maea’s qualifications & achievements include:

  • CrossFit Level 1
  • CrossFit Level 2
  • Certificate III & IV in Fitness
  • Diploma in Sports Major & Sports Science
  • CrossFit Coaches Prep Certificate
  • CrossFit Weightlifting Certificate
  • Hard Core Kettlebell Level 1
  • AWF Sports & Weightlifting Level 1
  • Senior First Aid Certificate
  • 18 years Personal & Group Training experience
  • Qualifying for National CrossFit Championships in 2014 & 2015

Why do you CrossFit?
I love the daily challenge and what CrossFit has done for my mind, body and soul. It really has changed my life for the better.

Why are you a coach/Best thing about Coaching?
I love seeing people improve. I can see the potential in people that they can’t see yet. Through their trust in me, along with their patience, persistence and practice, they find that confidence and their true selves. Which is an Athlete – anyone can be an athlete.

Proudest CrossFit moment?
Qualifying to represent WA in the Masters League CrossFit team competition.

Cara Hitt-Winitana, Owner & Coach

Cara is known for her love of a good ‘Chipper workout’. She generally coaches weekend classes and you’ll find her working out at 4:30pm classes.  Cara is a qualified group fitness instructor as well as her CrossFit Level 1 and CrossFit Weightlifting Certification.

First CrossFit workout?
It was Karen.. 150 Wall Balls. Didn’t sound too bad on paper, but it was painful! Maea and I did it together at CrossFit St Kilda on a Saturday morning free trial.  We completely underestimated the workout – but we were back again on Monday… we’ve never looked back.

Proudest CrossFit moment?
Open day of CrossFit Bunbury. It was June 2013 and Bunbury hadn’t yet heard of CrossFit, we were so excited to finally make this happen in my home town. We had an open day where locals could come down and check out what CrossFit was all about. As Maea welcomed everyone, it was an amazing feeling knowing it was just the beginning of an awesome journey we were in for.

Favourite thing about CrossFit Bunbury?
The People. The Coaches and Members are what makes CrossFit Bunbury. We have such a supportive and encouraging atmosphere. Everyone is different and has their own story and background, but when we are all at the box, we all share the same goal of being the best version of ourselves we can be.

Michelle Jones, Coach

Michelle coaches our CrossFit classes and also specialises in ours Kids program. Michelle is a great competitor amongst the WA Master Competitions.

Why do you CrossFit?
I have been very active all my life but never found anything that keeps me in shape like CrossFit does, I would always find excuses to stay lazy. I’ve had more success in achieving a healthy body by doing CrossFit than any other form of sport or fitness.  It is certainly a welcome change & challenges me every day.

Best thing about coaching?
I’ve always coached right from an early age, from athletics, basketball, netball, fashion modeling/grooming & deportment. I love being able to help people achieve their goals, increase their fitness & strength everyday, getting them out of their comfort zone. Seeing the light go on when you give them a tip or help with a movement. Passing on my knowledge that I have learnt from some great coaches over the years.

Who has inspired you?
All the masters Crossfit athletes (40+) that are achieving great things for their age. Things I certainly never dreamed of achieving before Crossfit.

Karl Moyse, Coach

Karl coaches our weightlifting classes but is also an experienced crossfit coach who has been actively competitive for the past 6 years. Part athlete, part designer, part philosopher and a whole bunch of OCD, he truly believes in good movement and technique. Karl’s qualifications and achievements include:

  • Crossfit Level 1
  • Crossfit Level 2
  • Crossfit Scaling
  • AWF (Weightlifting) Club Coach Level 1
  • AWF State Qualified Referee
  • Junior Weightlifting Champion (UK)
  • State Masters Weightlifting Champion (2 yrs running)
  • Specialised Strongman Seminar/Workshop
  • Specialised Indoor Rowing Seminar/Workshop
  • Specialised Gymnastics Seminar/Workshop

Why do you CrossFit?
Crossfit combined one of my favourite sports (Weightlifting) with a bunch of amazing movements and modalities that provides me with a well rounded functional fitness, the likes of which I’d never had before I started. I enjoy both the physical and mental challenge crossfit provides, it really can be an empowering tool in and out of the gym.

Best thing about coaching?
Being able to see people get better over time, seeing the confidence this brings them and the motivation to continually challenge themselves to become better at everything they do.

How well do you know yourself?
Crossfit can be tough, mentally as much as physically, but that toughness provides an opportunity for you to know yourself on a deeper level. How much pain you can handle, how much you can persevere perhaps. How strong your motivation is and where this sits in relation to the rest of your life. It’s so much more than a training methodology and it’s results speak for itself.